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Counselling is a safe space where the client is able to go through a therapeutic, healing process. The counsellor gently guides the client as they share their experiences and work towards life solutions.

Hope House is a place where healing comes from being heard, where growth and insight comes from shared experiences and where children, teens and adults are given a place to learn how to flourish.
The Hope House qualified lay counsellors are a team of people dedicated to seeing others grow and heal.

Who needs counselling?

We all do. No matter what our experiences or challenges we can all benefit from the opportunity to work through our most formative relationships, our hopes, desires and loss.

However sometimes our life experiences can be so extreme and shocking that we may ask, “Who could I ever tell this story to?” Counsellors are trained to hear your story without judgement and to provide a safe environment for you to share your trauma, loss or shame.


What kind of Counselling is offered?

Hope House offers counselling to individuals on any range of topic, for example grieving a loss, going through divorce or addiction. We offer couples and family counselling as well. Hope House works extensively with adolescents and children.
We are one of the few counselling centres that counsels children as young as 3 around issues caused by divorce, death and other challenges. We focus on a method called ‘play therapy’ that works well with these groups.

Clients are offered sessions of one hour in length, these sessions are in return for a donation of the client’s choice made to Hope House.

Voluntary internship opportunities

Hope House offers a 1-year voluntary internship to students who have completed their Honours in Psychology and are wanting to gain experience in counselling before applying or while applying for their Masters. This internship offers experience to students which contributes to their overall experience of the counselling process. It is counselling in primary and high schools, general counselling at one of our centres and training in areas that we offer that interest them.

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All I can say is Hope House truly lives up to its name. You truly saved my life and I will be forever grateful.


Made a difference in our lives. Thank you.