Hope House Counselling Centre



What We Offer

At Hope House, we understand that a large community, such as Cape Town, has many needs. Thus, we want to make sure we cater to those needs as much as we can. 

Here is a list of what we offer as a NPO. 

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We offer one-on-one lay counselling in a confidential & empathic environment to all. As a NPO, we rely on donors, thus all we ask in return for our services is a kind donation. No fixed charges apply.

Workshops & Training

We are passionate about the training & development of our community – so we run frequent workshops and training for both counsellors and the public. These workshops are done both online & in person.

School Programmes

Our school programmes & workshops reach out to our youth in crucial stages of their development. We run tailored workshops & substance intervention programmes for the Cape Town community.

Trauma Informed Training

We offer schools training and guidance on becoming a “Trauma Informed School.” This workshop is SACE accredited and aims at equipping teachers with the necessary skills and information to teach traumatised children. We also run a workshop for learners.

Company Wellness

We offer counselling & workshops tailored to the needs of your company, such as – stress management, GBV awareness, team building, self-care, grief, etc.

Volunteering & Internship

Our counselling centre makes use of volunteers to provide lay counselling services! We also provide a non-paying full-year counselling internship for those looking to gain hands-on experience and apply for their Masters’.

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