Trauma-informed schools workshops2022-09-26T19:58:59+02:00

Trauma-informed Classrooms

Hope House is offering schools training and guidance on becoming a trauma-informed school. This workshop shows the impact of trauma on the learners’ brain by focusing on the following components:

  • Teacher self-care
  • Brain & Trauma
  • Trauma & Behaviour in the classroom
  • Tools & Techniques
  • Zones & Regulation


The workshops was an enriching experience! I was humbled and moved by Judy’s professionalism, depth of insight, presentation style and the passion with which she delivers the fundamentals of creating a Trauma Informed School.

It was a very valuable and insightful experience.

I have been exposed to many workshops in my time in education but none come anywhere near the value provided by this one.

My colleague and I left the workshop with a far greater appreciation of what a trauma informed culture feels like and what each of us can do to make a profound difference to enhancing the lived experience of learners at school.

It is imperative that funding be provided in order that this vital work reach as many schools as possible.

I would recommend the workshop and I hope that many more schools will be involved in it.