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Substance abuse treatment program

This 12-week treatment for children using substances is run in certain schools across Cape Town. It is for youth who are still at school, and helps them identify the reasons they are using substances and affords them the skills to change the course of their lives. We help them set goals, look at triggers and relapse situations as well as self-image and care.

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Free. Clean. Full of Hope.

Substance abuse is a problem that affects our communities and families, not just the individuals who are stuck in a cycle of addiction.

We believe that psychoeducation around substance abuse should not merely focus on stopping the addictive behaviour. Instead we know that a deeper pain is at the core of addiction – one that needs a place where it can be safely expressed.


I learnt that I am important, unique and capable, and that using substances does not benefit me.

I have learnt that using is not good for me and if I want to be a better person I need to stop.

We will keep each other accountable for our using.