Peace and Providence this Christmas Season

5 Special Gift Wishes for Hope House this Christmas

This Christmas, give to Hope House in five special ways. Hope House is sending out prayers and wishes for funding in a few areas of Hope House’s work. We can’t wait to see the enormous impact that a boost in funding in these areas will bring. If you have been touched by the care of a Hope House counsellor or you have been impressed by the impact and change brought by our work in Cape Town spread the word and share news about all the good work Hope House is doing.

We would love funding so that we can boost the following vital areas of our work:



Gift wish #1
UCT Advanced Counselling and Health Literacy Skills Course:
This impactful 1 year course changes individuals and communities by equipping lay counsellors with the skills to counsel those living with HIV and all other chronic illnesses.  Through this course we train and up-skill HIV counsellors (who are often already working in the field in clinics in the townships) to have the skills, and knowledge to help those living with HIV/AIDS. The course earns participants a UCT Continuing Education Certificate and includes trips to labs, lectures from top experts in the field and plenty of practical, hands-on counselling experience.

Funding needed: R9000 fees per person and 10 students, so approximately R100 000 is needed (including some administration costs and trainers fees).





Gift wish #2
A Play Therapist for Hope House: 1 year for Counselling abused children
Play therapy is one of Hope House’s secret weapons. Play therapy can be used to counsel children as young as 3-years-old. Why? Because every person must be counselled in the language they are most comfortable in – for children that is the language of play. Statistics show that half of children will be physically or sexually abused by the time they turn 12.  Hope House has a few very dedicated Play Therapy volunteers but they simply cannot keep up with the demand for play therapy counselling for abused children. At any given time, Hope House has a waiting list of around 14 abused children awaiting the services of a trained Play therapist. We long to serve these children better as immediate care is the best care. We are asking generous donors to give to Hope House so this goal may be achieved.

Funding needed: R150 000 for a year’s salary for a qualified and highly experienced Play Therapist.




Gift wish #3
Rent for the new Tableview Hope House Counselling Centre
In 2017 Hope House will reach out to the Tableview area by opening a brand new counselling centre. Our wish is to have rent covered by a generous donation. We are also asking for donations of furniture (couches, arm chairs and tables) and anything that will make our counselling rooms cosy and inviting.

Funding needed: R5000 for rent per month and furniture as gifts in kind.






Gift wish #4

Trained Volunteer Counsellors for Kuil’s River, Tableview and Bergvliet Counselling Centres.
Our counselling centres run on volunteer steam. Hope House is pride of the quality of care we offer our communities – and all this from trained volunteer counsellors who freely give of their time. Counsellors have often studied for over two years at colleges like SACAP and Cornerstone and give a day or an afternoon of their time. If you are a trained counsellor, consider offering your skills and give to the Hope House team. You will be given frequent supervision sessions and the support of a counselling team always at the ready to offer advice. Hope House also has a well-earned reputation for constantly training our counsellors, because that’s exactly what we do.




Gift wish #5

Prayer for ongoing Funding and Volunteers
Please keep Hope House in your prayers: that we would have a steady flow of sponsors keen to support the good work that Hope House is doing. That we would attract the right volunteers who would have excellent counselling skills and hearts of compassion for bringing hope to broken lives. We also ask for prayer around protection – that in all of life’s complexities we would have wisdom around our more challenging cases.




Hope House has many more wishes – that the many lives we encounter each day would be blessed, that their problems would meet with win-win solutions and their relationships would be restored. Contact Hope House today if you would like to support us in kind or offer us a donation. May you have a truly blessed Christmas, or whatever holiday you are celebrating. We think of our clients fondly and will be praying for you over the holiday season.