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Child Abuse? Counselling offers real hope

Child Abuse features again and again in our headlines, telling just part of a much larger, darker story. We explore

Courses boost Families and Teen Choices

The right course can boost a teen or families ability to face choices in just a few weeks. Hope House runs

5 ways to Give to Hope House this Christmas

Peace and Providence this Christmas Season 5 Special Gift Wishes for Hope House this Christmas This Christmas, give to Hope

Child Abuse: healing through play

Counselling children affected by child abuse is at the very heart of Hope House’s work. Our director, Judy Strickland is a

TRAUMA: Spelling it out for you

Experiencing a traumatic event can be life-changing. Hope House offers counselling that brings understanding and offers coping mechanism to those

Addictions Counselling: 5 Reasons to take the talking cure

Tik, heroin, marijuana, cocaine and party drugs, ecstasy, LSD, alcohol - drug addiction or substance abuse is a major problem

Depression – bringing it to light

Depression - a walk down a dark tunnel where the mind can see the light at the end of it as

Hope House: 5 ways we bring hope to Cape Town

Cape Town is known as the Mother City - a place of comfort and safety. But what happens when the

Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand. It is the greatest gift anyone can give.